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  1. HEYYYY... YES.. I think very very long. Then i went to rent both bikes to try. End up, i cannot tank the fuel sia. I bought Kup Kia instead. Honda Winner X
  2. I am considering to get 1st hand kup kia. i used to be riding Spark 135 10 yrs ago and i tried CB400, abit too heavy and not very ideal for delivery jobs. I been googling around and there is also MX King. Are they referring to the same bike? Also any good bike shop to recommend for the purchase? how much is the price for sniper now? Is Yamaha MX king / Sniper or honda Winner X better? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Ya, the sound for S4 is really damn good. But price is almost double.
  4. Hello, I am contemplating on these 2 bikes, CB400 vs MT03. Which one to buy? Can help to list out the pros and cons? I am thinking to get a 1st hand bike, less problem. Thanks so much in advance.
  5. Sorry to hear about that bro. I also have a curious question, I was looking at SGBikeMart and I saw Harley Davidson bikes 750cc selling at 10-15k and super four selling at a much higher price. Can someone explain to me how come super4 more exp?
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