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  1. Find a decent brand oil that meet the required specs stated in the owner manual, change it regularly and maintain correct oil level. I still have not seen any proof that certain brand of engine oil increases engine life except anecdotes evidence.
  2. Xena disc lock can buy at Chong Aik. For chain, U lock and other, motoworld got quite a selection.
  3. Bro, are u ordering t6 rotella shell via amazon? Can i tag along with ur order? I wanna buy 3 gallons (3 x 1 gallon)of it.


    Willing to fetch the item once it reach ur residence. Can pay u by cod or transfer via ibanking..


    Pls do whatsapp me at dis number 8564 5436- mondokz

  4. hi bro, please add me to the DIY group : 97917861

  5. what bike is the three wheeler? look absolutely cool:)
  6. just bring along the tool kit that come with spark is enough for most situation. if you want to DIY. you can get the following tools: size 8 wrench - for changing oil filter size 20 spanner - for oil change and chain adjustment size 17 spanner - for chain adjustment
  7. i checked with wing Yap on the price for the plastic basket with cover and lock. they quoted me $75!!! guess i going JB tomorrow night to check.
  8. don't be bluff by the big number like 80W90 for gear oil. it pretty much the same viscosity as 20W50 Engine oil:) personally, i think EO / GO is ok for small bike. if riding someone bigger, get a proper lubrication will be a better bet.
  9. i got faster with more experience:p actually it just opening a nut, let the oil drain and locking the nut. the part that take up most time is draining and house keeping. to be more realistic, i should say it take 10-15mins:cheeky: a few points i learn: 1) don't have to wait a good 10mins to drain those little droplets of oil. most oil should be out in a min or 2 especially when its warm. it doesn't make much different so save your time. 2) have the correct tools and material at hand. basic is a correct size spanner, fresh EO, rag, any material that act as drain pan, a bottle for used
  10. will changing to a better suspension help the bike ferrying a pillon? i find that except my wifey, the rest of my pillon tend cause the bike to sink too much. thinking of changing in malaysia.
  11. i tried broquet for 2B bike. does nothing. the rest never try before.
  12. i think you will have a hard case to fight since you are lane-splitting. i think you will need to share the blame for the accident since you are passing him without safety distance. the third car will surely be able to claim from you. it just how much can be done to put some of the cost to the first car. as mentioned, call up your insurance ASAP.
  13. it only show the oil is good in load bearing aplication. i have read before this is due to the extreme pressure additives. such additives is normally found in greases. as for it role in engine oil enviroment it is somehow limited and might not be idea. in modern day, one will be hard-pressed to find a bad engine oil. for most commuters, as long as servicing is done regularly, the chance of problem due to engine oil failure is very low.
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