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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh......

  2. Just don buy a first hand bike will do.. Cus after ride for a year, if u wan to sell, the bike will depreciate alot, about 2-3k. If u buy a second hand bike, the bike prob depreciate only 1k.
  3. Yea. either u clutch in more or biting point.
  4. 1) do your checks slower. 2)Need to check your blind spot 2 times for lane changing. The stretch of road is quite long. Take your time. The tester also want to see the acceleration when lane changing
  5. Yes. one of the page has the entire circuit map with directions and show when to check back, check blind spot .
  6. I think one thing helps is you should check if your posture is upright and if the handle bar is straight.
  7. Cannot open leg wide. Will be penalised for improper posture especially during stations.
  8. Wah. not bad wor. Bike should be settled already? HAha
  9. There are tons of tips here. haha.. see which stage u don know just use search bar. Confirm can find one.
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