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  1. U have to know ur purpose before going any further on modification. As u need to know that using chamber pipe, it requires big/strong combustion, higher compression stuff like that. And so there's the port and polish part come along, not to forget head skim, gear ratio, crankcase, rod, bearings, clutch housing, sprockets & bla bla bla. Haahaa ! This are just a few examples for racing component. Best to keep it stock (last longer) and u could just play around with ur reed valve and get the best tuning of carb. For ori piston, 1st is the packaging (box) with serial code 55G. Also, ori pis
  2. How is ur block setup, any porting/polish? Reed valve, piston and also carb needle? Also what kind of chamber u're using? As for chamber pipes, u need to choose the right "stomach" or they called it "exhaust belly" for ur purpose. There is a longer and shorter belly aka for drag use or for distance. Should read more about 2strokes aftermarket exhaust. Stock Rxz carb (55k and mili 26 9504 stock carb is using thicker needle which runs lean on mid and top range, have it change to panther gamma needle or could ask an experience mech to sand down the stock needle with a proper measurements)
  3. Mybe due to ur spark plug being faulty. Try changing it by using G-power plugs. If cant start too, remove the spark plug and connect bck to the ignition coil and place it at ur bike frame, kickstart the bike to see if theres any firing. Or try to off ur fuel 1st & start the bike. Could probably due to overflow fuel.. hope it helps í ½í¸Š
  4. Should try using Liqui Moly fully synthetic im using 2t pump for it. Can be use for premix too.. Tips: if u using 2t pump, the 2t tube that connects to the carb, try pulling it out (don't forget to close the hole frm ur carb else it will suck extra air). Start ur bike and rev it to 3k rpm (hold it there) . your 2t should start to come out frm that tube like 1 small tiny drop. The correct count is, once it came out u wipe it and count to 5sec & it should come out again. The correct timing for using 2t pump is 5sec. If u getting slower or faster than that, try to adjust the 2t cable, IN
  5. And futhermore, one of my fren studied at Jakarta timur, buaran. so last time i used to ask him help me buy things thre and posted here in sg.. :)

  6. hey thanks guys fer all the great info & tips.. Anw, i already tried using the leftover gear oil on my chain. It do flings bt wasnt as bad as i tot.. Bt the saddest part is my chrome rim, oil splashed.. So i gotta wipe it aftr long day ride, evritime.. Myb im trying the OWS chain lube next..
  7. Im pretty sure it will fling bro bt as long it didnt fling tat bad, i wanna giv it a try I gues tis are the newer Motul gear oil as the "gear oil" whre stated on the bottle. I also had done some research regarding tis issue (gear oil were use as chain lube) .. Will try it on my next servicing. Anw, how often do u oil ur chain? Great idea bro, i will try using kerosene & brush b4 putting tis gear oil.. Btw how much a bottle of OWS chain lube cost? Thanks
  8. Alrite, thanks for the info bro Gonna try it later on.. If it flings pretty bad den no choice gonna stop using it..
  9. Hi, im sorry if this topic has been shared before. Anw, i was thinking cuz i love diy'ing on my own bike as in basic servicing. Like changing EO, spark plug & etc ... So i came across in mind abt wat oil to lube my chain. As i not actuali prefer spray can chain lube as frm my believe, its thin & wont last long.. So wen everytime i change EO (i use transmission gear oil SAE10W40) & of coz thre will be a leftover on the bottle. & i was thinking if this leftover GO can be use as chain lube.. Because Gear oil is to lubricate the moving parts frm easily wear off parts.. W
  10. I use Motul Transoil Expert SAE 10w40 for my krr.. So far so good, no prob at all, shifting gears & high rev.. Been using it for 2yrs in a row now.. Hv tried Amsoil 20w50 bt frm my feeling, tis transoil is more awesome.. Unlike the Motul 300V (sucks) .. Tats wat the manuals requires actuali.. Transmission oil, 0.7L when oil is drain. 0.87L if oil is completely dry.Diy is great bt dun forget to dump it to ur nearest bike shop..
  11. Hi bro, cant click anything on your pm msg..

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