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  1. anyone used the side pannier that lab is selling. it's the one with gloss black surface. it's slimmer than givi side box but i think its wide surface is larger on same size as givi side box (e21). thinking whether to get that. but hope somone used it before and can advice regarding this.
  2. anything u let me noe ba.. keep in touch

  3. selling at 1250

  4. reserve till which date? cause i want to sell like before end of this month. are u ok with it?

  5. letting go at 1250

  6. erm i intend to sell like before my road tax end which is april 16

  7. my lowest price will be like 1250

  8. erm if i pump full tank, my Sp can go from tiong bahrtu to NTU, (considering go there and come back==> 1 time), i can go 4 times.

  9. COE still can renew..wads ur range? contact me at 97275794

  10. any one could help? i have been searching for cafe handle bar in spore recently but really in vain.
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