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  1. I just bought over a Nouvo, with 1.5 yrs coe left. Mileage 150,000km. I going to proceed with an overhaul, about S$700+ at jb Alai Motorsports. Advisable to proceed?
  2. I just contacted BBDC, and their defensive course is now $144.45 after gst. 0800hrs - 1500hrs Not sure why the price jacked up so much. Anyway, I am planning to open a class on one Sunday. Min 5 pax to open a class. Need 3 more pax. Interested riders please PM me. Thanks.
  3. I'm someone whom cant ride without (riding) gloves. It's feels awkward without gloves. On the other hand, I cant cycle on (cycling) gloves. Have to go naked on my hands when on bicycle. Haha...
  4. Looking for a Super Cub. Anyone thinking of letting go please feel free to PM me or reply here Thanks!
  5. There are so many out on the road. How come here so quiet. It look rather nice.
  6. I'm looking for one. Hows your experience with them in terms of upkeeping?
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