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  1. How are you doing your 2t? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. hey bro, u own a R125? do u mind messaging me at 81706304, i would like to ask a few questions abt d bike.. n u guys hav a club?

  3. tzm not a problem bike. of cos many ppl will say dis. becos wen u buy at d shop, most likely d previous owner alreadi use d bike until its veri last breath den sell to d shop wad. den d person buying will feel d strain from d wear n tear. sports bike mah... wear n tear faster den normal bikes.. n furthermore, spare part is decreasing, ppl not into dis bike lazy to look for d parts. den blame d bike for being troublesome. btw.. dun buy those cheap blocks lar c'mon. later regret urself. can ask around here, sum of dem noe where to get original blocks. cheers~
  4. if u just got ur bike.. its still shld be under warranty. get d shop to fix it. d main thing is now for u to get ur bike in working condition. nd - try replace d gasket lar.. dat thing so fast wear out..
  5. did u go n get a mech to check it out? wad did he say?
  6. y so noisy here? ALL of u shld accept comments with a smile n an open mind. this is a place where we share our ideas n thoughts. please keep in mind, we do NOT want an image of a rowdy group of people. please put ur fanatic feelings aside. aniwae, i think bt90 is stickier. expensive tho. u shld never get those cheap unreliable tyres.. its quite dangerous. will definitely affect ur braking effectiveness. bt39 is good too. been using it. experienced veri few slips. i used irc before... its definitely a nono man. u'll be drifting thru a corner.. hahahah! emergency braking with this tyre.. high
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