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  1. Not good to ride fast and post in Singapore or Malaysia since the speed limit here and MY is only 90km and 110km per hour. May get caught by authorities. Anyway, here's one of the video in Youtube for a test in Taiwan but this is for 300cc not 200cc which is only available in Singapore.
  2. Hi, do any of you know what type of Headlight Bulb and front signal light bulb this bike is using?
  3. Hahaha, the Xciting would fit you nicely but hor...we both same same... hahahaha....
  4. Long time no see bro. Comparing Downtown with K-XCT, the seating for downtown is definitely better. At 1.8m tall, you'll definitely feel cramp sitting on a K-XCT. I've tried both and downtown is much more comfortable but i prefer the xct design more. In your case, cutting away might indeed help.
  5. I only got this but it should be about the same.
  6. Depends on how you ride. If i'm not wrong, first servicing is at 500 km. it's stated in the manual and servicing booklet.
  7. I have the same problem as you. It's either you touch up those scratches with a paint pen or put on a sticker to hide it.
  8. How many K-XCT riders are there now? Saw quite a few on the roads now.
  9. Got hidden Mouse issit? Maybe you should get the Mechanic to take a look on your first servicing. Mine so far no weird sound.
  10. Congratulation on your purchase.
  11. Saw many many K-XCT on the road but seems that none is active here...
  12. Should go track and try going faster.
  13. Wow, you've tested the top speed already! Cool. I'll try mine in the near future.
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