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  3. Issit? Hmm... Or issit to close to the bulb? My bike's headlight is quite hot leh... But the ring i bought is not DIY one.. those sold at shop one
  4. Nope.. i pass the honour of using the open pod to Kuro liao.. He'll need it more than me so that his bike can be lighter and can "corner" better
  5. Nah.. i no money to fix HID leh... i poor man.. so do poor man project onlie
  6. Nice meh the bike? Ehz Lcp, ur Headlight when turned on for long duration feels hot or not?
  7. Ohz.. a jerking bike... that doesn't sounds good Hope the owner doesn't "jerk" off
  8. U wanna do ahz? Will be waiting for the result...
  9. Erm... bro's, does your angel eye's rings melt? I fixed one onto my bike and it melts like those artwork rubber glues/glue guns. Is there a way to make the ring not melt? Ohz.. this is not done on an SP
  10. Cost ahz? Maybe u can check with HQ. They got one in their display case
  11. Ah_Dun>> For me and Alvin to noe, for you to find out No lah.. i'll tell you about it next time... Too sad to talk about it... Kuro >> Ohz.. I fixed and tested liao. Power is there.. i think top speed slightly improved. The thing that cause me to change back to stock is becos, 1) The stupid thing is damn loud (nice for some people but to me, i prefer softer) 2) My family members complained. Asked me to change back to original Well... if you dun mind the sound and there is no one to complain to you, go for it! Easy to fix also and the bike definitely looks nicer witho
  12. AARRRGGHHH!!!! The stupid thing melted Alvin!! How??? :sian:
  13. Time to turn on ur "spy camera" By the way, Project AE was a big failure Waste my time onlie...
  14. Ehz? U still around ahz? That one old story lah.. u so long never appear Now my bike is fine liao... It just fell down onlie, nothing serious
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