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  1. For big bike,my advice is to use tuas -pay 50 cents using your cashcard when you are going and coming back @ singapore checkpoint Goin in (50 cent) Coming in from jb (50 cent) After malaysia checkpoint.pay rm 1.10 cent. Goin in (rm 1.10) Coming out from jb (rm 1.10) It's much more easier and lesser jam the woodland checkpoint Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  2. so how bro?interested??


    if not,it is okie den

  3. bro contact or msg me @ 976647(syaiful)


    intend to coi ur bike...if u r intrested thanks

  4. bro! im interested in coi ur sp msg mi @ 91829442

  5. Yeah bro...wanna arrange for view?can call or msg me @ 97666470(syaiful)

  6. Bro u can call me @ 97666470 to view the rod and spool uh...btw my name is syaiful

  7. bro. u lookoink 4 sum1 2 coi ur sp? gt details about d bike? or u willing 2 trade with x1?

  8. I got a question,i bought a 2nd hand bike frm a shop,made my 1st month installment. but now,i tot of selling it bck to the shop n tke a 1st hand bike.wad is ur advice?thanks currently riding sp150,tot of tradin it in for r15.
  9. guys,thanks for the advice.btw I nvr drop my bike b4,juz meet and accident.went back to the shop to change my damage front feering,and found out that,my front wheel bearing is actually slightly damage n the handle bar is also slighly out of alignment well,after the accident,new problem arise from my sp, 1)when I'm on 3rd gear b4 switching to 4th gear,i would close throttle clutch in..and...there is a funny sound,some sort of like ball bearing running inside. 2)and along the journey,if I'm on 90km/h and above,i culd here my piston going up and down pretty loud. 3)and b4 aprochin
  10. hi all,juz got my sp frm atan motor,lolx mly guy ride sp hehe wad the hell hehekz.btw ani of u guy had xperience dealing at atan motor? the boos,mech?..well it had been 4 day I rode the sp,and today,on the way bck home at tpe,my speedo went frm 80,t 0.but my rpm still okie..can I knw wad is the probs?issit the cable or the speedo?thanks
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