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  1. Hi Peeps Selling Brand new Titanium slip-on termignoni meant for the monster 1100 (its the one before the 1100 evo). The full kit comes with the termi ECU (meant for 1100), air filter (696 /796 / 1100 / 1100s), Titanium Slip-on (696 / 796 / 1100 / 1100s). My previous bike was used by Minerva for the submission of the papers to LTA to approve the exhaust. Currently, they are awaiting LTA's reply and has been chasing them. Looking at full set for $1500. Pls sms / whatsapp to 94363866 for queries. Thank you
  2. Hi All I have a Ducati Monster 1100S for sale. Details are in the website below. Thank you http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/375288-DUCATI-Monster-1100S
  3. According to my understanding, there isn't any street legal termi YET for the 696/796/1100
  4. Where did u find the i.e. model? What i understand is that the parts are the same.
  5. Depending on condition and mileage, the price would be abt 20k region. The 1100S may fetch up to 20+K, say ard 22-24k. But its not easy to find a 1100S as mineva didnt bring in that many at tat time. Main difference between the 1100 and 1100s is the ohlins suspension (which is gold in color), and the rest of the carbon fibre bits like front fender, etc. Hope this helps.
  6. Think your question might be too broad. maybe u can be a bit more specific in your target area of interest? Generally its a nice bike to ride... Good looking, handles well, full tank can go about 230-250 before the light comes on, sexy dry clutch, and the list goes on...
  7. Hi all I have a BRAND NEW BILLET SIDE STAND for Monster 696 / 1100 for sale. Its silver in color. Picture as shown below http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r116/navihawkk/sidestand.jpg More pictures and info can be found at this following website ===> http://motowheels.com/i-7445127-ducati-billet-kickstand-side-stand.html I am selling it for $150 Pls contact me at 943638 six six for queries. Thank you.
  8. You damn lame leh..... How? tml kopi?
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