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  1. Just overhaul bike. I think need to run fuel injection diagnostic.
  2. For distance (touring) how many teeth is reccomended? Anw im 94kg does that affect my rpm?
  3. Is it normal to get ard 7rpm on gear 6 at 100km/h?
  4. So anyone use broquet with gsr? Does it work.
  5. Well, looks like the Malaysian Biker are advanced than us in Singapore (guys who frequent to sepang moto gp will knew this) its a lady, with a multisrada pillioning her son. http://www.youtube.com/movexz#p/u/27/4VQOf8R3FPs
  6. Thanks, Anyway, what is the ideal temperature to warm up the bike to before moving off? How many clicks should i do servicing? every 5k or 10k?
  7. hi gsr-ians. im new to this bike, i have some doubt. the part where you can see through the engine oil (the bottom right) is empty. i turn on the engine also empty. i didnt see any oil there. is that suppose to be like that? or i should see half level of oil when the engine turned on?
  8. hi im using givi panniers at the back, however i felt no power , izzit normal?
  9. How much doea it cost? Every 5k or 10k?
  10. Where can i get belly pan that is meant for gsr400?
  11. Hi guys, Im new to gsr400 which i just bought today. Can i have rips from you guys? Is it okay to use shell 95? How much the tank bra cost? Bagster. What are the daily maintenance i have to do? I wanted to ride to KL what are the good cruising speed? Mine is non abs version as previous owner byoass the abs since thw abs got probs, anyone have any idea where can i get t chabge to abs back?
  12. i scared asking mechanic, they will chop say this wrong that wrong..so how your previous owner solve it? how much is the magnet coil.
  13. Coi better bro..if nt got to find refinance. U got anyone who can do refinance?
  14. kau rupanya man!

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