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  1. sumthing cracked?no 1 told me anything leh..the bike still gorgeous..just sold it to bike shop ard 16k..no time to ride..can sms me la.. 90233369..u post here i didnt see till today!

  2. so bro,u r the one ah jiang mention..so how is your bike,i heard something crack during the dyno test...free for coffee next tuesday 8pm at farm-mart??u staying CCK rite??i living at jalan bahar,near Fico Sports hub..

  3. wah..cx..u sure anot..1st day of 2009 ur at hm?or preparing to go out?hahaa
  4. lol,at least still abt the TMAX,so ok..but try not to steer too far away frm it la..
  5. Sheep means the 180SP group.most u see otr are vxr or rst.sp not so much otr alrdy..
  6. Maybe they nv reset the meter..well,tt's just my guess..
  7. BIG TWIN bigger cc harleys
  8. Wah melvin,upgrade to HD alrdy ar..cool broz..
  9. is tt amy yip baos?i mean literally called tt..
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