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  1. ya rite yalor that y i dont want involve ..... let get back to the subject
  2. To know the answer, i think u better call andrew. u are not getting any reply
  3. Red Rev better rite and cheaper ?
  4. think forum got talking about it..............
  5. saving to upgarde FS.............
  6. Must standby header gasket ... just in case spolit
  7. We dont each other .... but here in SBF we chat like know each other u dont start here ...
  8. On leave so many days must double upz
  9. today encik off leh so every go playground....
  10. can lah ... same size take out the old 1 put in the new want lor .. just that spec 3 headlite got bush ( bush correct spelling??) that all ... without the bush cannt work. not sure ask the bike shop do it for u safer lah
  11. Thanks Recently just service, didnt get the best feel i want... think of sending over to check
  12. hi to you say upload picture where where
  13. he too fast buy w/o canister 1
  14. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179743&highlight=bitubo
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