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  1. Lastly, what's the type of tyre to use that is least slippery on rainy days?
  2. Thanks for the tips. Another couple of questions. What's full servicing required? What's the rates like? Also, while riding, what's the recommended speed for cruising? Can I like whack all the way at 100km/hr? Sorry, just nvr rode a scooter before.
  3. Hey guys, newb here. Just bot a 2nd hand st200. Jus wanna no the basic maintenance required. Is it true that we have to change the belt and drive pulley at the same time? How long before one has to change? If one uses this bike for normal transportation, what is the mileage required before I need to change the eo? Also, would there be a prob wit the bike if I did not start for like a few days? This bike apparently using a knn open port, with a Leo Vince pipe. What should the idling speed be? Mine I saw was arnd 1.5. Is that norm, or is the tuning wrong? Thanks for the help.
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