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  1. i using aftermarket clip-ons bro.. urs should be clamped onto the right handlebar.. last time mine also loike that.. the clutch cable didn't hit at that time.. the throttle cable was the problem cause i used the r1 throttle tube.. after changing the clip-ons.. must find new place to mount.. throttle cable now no hit.. but clutch cable hit.. tmr go ah beng see he can do a better bracket for me not.. today must go service my wave..
  2. i read somewhere it's because of the secondary injectors.. not sure leh.. anyway wait till i get my vel stacks then go dyno.. for the IU bracket.. i go recce.. see really need to go seng kwang not.. http://home.graffiti.net/kambing:graffiti.net/Image035.jpg http://home.graffiti.net/kambing:graffiti.net/Image039.jpg
  3. oh ya hor.. just noticed that too jerry.. another proof r1 thread ppl are very friendly and sensitive to others.. :thumb:
  4. i ish see sumthing which make me sadded.. http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n220/minmin051887/5%20January%2007%20Outing/5January07LocalOuting14.jpg
  5. i ish loike to glance down see my speed rah.. gd thing is it never block the rpm meter.. that ish most important to me when go? got money then go lor.. but not that impt.. most likely end of the mth.. haizzz.. if only i ah sia kia loike u.. :lol: but tmr i ish go motoworld/ah boy/motovation.. find smaller brake reservoir, discicciatti steel bracket & some yoyodyne tubings.. maybe i ish go down bikeworkz find ah beng see he can cut some alu for that not.. if do stainless steel @ seng kwang confirm around $70
  6. try deleting/clearing all ur temp internet files.. then reset ur home to google or sumthang.. see ok not..
  7. i believe ur bracket's clamped to ur right handlebar.. mine now is clamped onto the upper triple clamp.. thing is go lower it will hit the IU wire.. adjust higher see no **** how fast I'm going.. i'll post pics when i get home later.. my next alternative.. throw $80 for seng kwang to make a removable braket near the left mirror.. tmr go sim lim tower find a suitable connector.. so easily removable go track.. save $150 when crash.. and no IU to block my view at the straights..
  8. just fixed on my vortex clip-ons.. but now having problems with the IU unit mounted in front.. re-routed the throttle cable after i installed the r1 throttle tube.. but the IU cable is obstructing the clutch cable when i turn the handle bars.. also cannot see the speedo when i duck.. damn! i use the bike for commuting too.. and everywhere erp.. even with stock clip-ons have this same issue.. can any bros show pics how u mount ur IU unit on ur k7 600? that fugly big pc of junk is a real nightmare.. problems also on my r1..
  9. yo bang handsome.. cuz akooo ni pon klakar serams dia dah sign baru bilang akooo... ada lagi satu.. kedai ni suruh overhaul rxz dia.. $600 lak tu.. aku bukak rxz dia.. hak ptuiiii overhaul kebabai.. conrod freeplay banyak.. piston lama.. in the end overhaul lagi.. dah ah tu original nya handlebar kedai kapok kasi dia posh nya.. dia senyap je.. upgrade ke tu? i think not.. btw, tu 4.5-4.6k OTR ke mesen price.. BP sumer PI kan? besok mo lepak makanshiok? picit punatzku k larling..
  10. patrick is ah beng if i remember correctly.. cannot be fei mao.. these 2 left eons ago beng now @ bikeworkz.. the other one i lost touch..
  11. these are the usual things one would do.. but it's not going to help much bro.. 1. wrap the y-pipe 2. change coolant to waterwetter/engine ice/maxima cool-aide 3. gut the cat converter as for the pillion part.. i never sat pillion on my own bike so i dunno.. my fiancee also never complained.. coz i was the one having my balls bbq-ed when riding if u notice, when the fan on.. the heat is actually pushed out towards ur thighs.. so pls wear jeans dude.. and learn to live with it.. hope this helps..
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