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  1. 1) Would recommend honda and yamaha due to parts and accessories availability. Parts for Bajaj can only get from agent and not many shops would like to do the maintenance for pulsar. (not sure how true but i will not take the risk) 2) Honda and Yamaha should be better in pricing comparing Bajaj. 3) riding posture are all forward bias. but they feel almost the same. Best is u try the bike n feel it urself. 4) wat kind of top speed are you looking at? they are all ok at normal speed of 80 to 100km/h. 5) Nil All are good transport bikes with good fuel consumption. tanks are bigger compare
  2. Hi, ur mailbox is full hence unable to send u a pm. regarding the penske 8983, sms me if u r interested.

  3. wat is so tua diao?

  4. si mi dai chi...

  5. sad to hear that. do update me when u get ur spare. where n how much. will update on page 281 n 282 for future reference. thanx. heard from acesiew b4, pleasure motors can do dyno tune for EFI bikes. but price wise i'm not sure. the titax levers, one side cost $180 so both will b $360. change one side very wierd so definitely have to change 2. mayb can try LAB c any levers is compatible. they sell but someone took over so its not bike down. in another sense, we made more friends. ppl tends to upgrade or downgrade so buying n selling is common. nothing to feel sad of.
  6. does it leak when stationary or only when the bike is moving? did u locate the exact part that is leaking? like clean up n monitor? u need to do ur own homework here. even u tell the mech oil leak, they oso ask u where is the leak. will it leak when bike is running or stop. u dunno, they might just change wat they think that cause the leak or simply anyhow change cos u dunno mah. good to chop esp those shops with sharp choppers waiting for u.
  7. its better to ask the machine price cos COE rate is different every wk n insurance different by age n NCD..
  8. all suzuki bikes need to clutch in when starting. rattling sound? where is it from?
  9. most of us didn't do tuning. just change only. oso dunno where to tune oso. just dun blow us off with ur new bike can already.
  10. what exactly is it leaking? oil or coolant? u think i thought who confirm?? u shd go motorshop to check n not ask here cos using pics only, we wun exactly know wat is it. it might b wat Ah_Ben suggested.
  11. u might wanna check with equipment extreme. they can custom sliders for u.
  12. can still join in when u r free. yup... thats precisely the reason. but we r still friends.
  13. refer here. there r pics of frame sliders i previously installed. they r from motovation. the ones that Burnt got r from equipment extreme.
  14. the prob shd b carb overflow. when carb overflow, b it 2 stroke or 4 stroke bike, definitely will have a prob on the initial start. reason is too much fuel n too little air to make the initial combustion to start off the engine. after which, the batt will supply power to the spark plugs to constantly produce spark for the combustion. so its about getting rid of the extra fuel in the combustion chamber. electric start bikes is straight forward, just press the ignition a few times without throttling, until the engine start up then blow out the remaining gases. for kick start bike, i'm not too
  15. oh... so mei mei then u pillion lah? chey...
  16. since u say already, u go pillion ace lor. the windshield he's using, motoworld now got stock. i think $120.
  17. u can get the sliders from motovation. installation can b done at any shops that u frequent. buy kopi for them n get it installed for free.
  18. u need at least 4k rpm to have a smooth acceleration. anything below that is weak. ver S n below n need at least 5k. this is considered a high rev bike. u need to rev up high to get the power. we know that petrol is ex these days. getting a smaller bike is a better choice if u wanna save on petrol consumption.
  19. if u suspect plugs, u may wanna inspect them. dirty air filter will oso cause a lag in acceleration.
  20. GH did not expect that GSR 4 can b sold relatively well here with S4 as the competitor. let put it this way. they r the agent, if the bike can sell, u think they dun wanna sell? n tell consumers that they do not wanna compete with S4? i believed that they say that cos they wanna save some face for themselves. with GSR 6 price about 2k extra, ppl would choose the 600 BUT dun 4get that 600 require a class 2 licence to ride. n with class 2 licence, there is alot more choice to choose from. n if class 2A can ride a 600, then definitely no one will ride a 400 unless its alot more cheaper. f
  21. if the EO managed to seep thru the piston rings, the smoke shd b blueish or purplish. but normally, its white we saw cos its really hard to c the blue n purple side of the smoke. as for white smoke, normally caused by water vapour or water in exhaust. other possible cause can b cold engine, water in fuel, water jacket crack (extreme case).
  22. u might wanna check with Looi's regarding the ABS model. they r the ones who bring in the bike. OTR pricing u have to check it out urself cos the price may not b the same as the price we bought it. do refer to 281 n 282 for more info regarding buying of the bike. good luck!!
  23. Day: 15 Feb 2008 Time: 2100 Place: KKFC Agenda: Simple meetup for Acesiew's last GSR ride will see if there is any other activity after that Interested parties: 1. Acesiew 2. dickchingus 3. skateboy (pending) 4. 5. 6.
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