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  1. Dropped by minerva to pick up fork seals for my GT1000 as my right fork is leaking. No stock. Thought this is pretty standard wear & tear stuff... Anyway, at $207 for the fork seals, i'm thinking there should be OEM alternatives else where or online. Where do i go for Ducati parts online? OEM or Original are fine.
  2. Thanks. Will find a time to check it out. Engine oil level looks fine to me. Was told to change belts at 20K. If most of you guys are saying 24K, i'll probably hold the change till 24k. By the way, the manual says EOBT light, and its the light that is at the bottom of all the other lights. Just to be sure we're taking about the same light.
  3. hey guys, my gt1000 just hit 20000km. Is there any item that needs to be changed at this milestone? Also, my EOBD light has been lit while engine is running for abt a week, no other problems though. Wonder if its sensor problem.
  4. Went and could not find at all. Do you have the actual address? Went many rounds and ran of of petrol..... what a day... Thanks
  5. Thanks. Anyone know his operating hours today? Wanna do an oil change.
  6. You can try the common search areas like the garage sale section here, sg bike mart dot com, or minerva showroom.
  7. Seems like the Gt1000 is not very popular..... Looking for the side case mounts to put the GIVI V35 cases but GIVI doesnt build for it. Looking for street legal GPR slip on, excel cycle says there isnt any for GT1000... sad.
  8. Oh are these H-packs backpacks? Then i wont really consider this as i dont like carrying stuff around
  9. Thanks. Could someone point me to a link or manufacturer of these H-packs so i can get more info?
  10. Thanks but i dont think the H pack can fit a helmet? Looks wise, thats why i need to find one which fits it. Here's a pic of one with the 30L Junior Flash. Oh and are there any legal aftermarket exhausts? Termi's look and sound gd but i dont want any donations to the government..
  11. Hey guys, just put down a deposit for a 2nd hand gt1000 and should be collecting it next week. Now i need to shop for side panniers that are as slim as possible yet able to fit as least open face helmets. I was looking at the h&b junior series 30L but after going down, i realized only the 40L had any chance of fitting a helmet. I didnt like the way it opened as well, so cramped. Just hope any of you got similar experience and point me in the right direction. Where in sg has large range of side panniers. I just went through GIVI website and the monokey side looks alright and it def
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