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  1. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=221373 Please browse and evaluate if you guys wish to attend.
  2. say properly lah.... sportsbike is ducati, R1 that kind. you never hear before loud pipe saves lifes meh? last time you also tong pipe... say people loud now...
  3. cannot unite and take together lah... all got different time slots... haha... i'll be going only for weekend lessons.
  4. then according to your nickname... you're quite lost. HAHAH!
  5. if you fit the malossi 210cc kit.. you will go LTA and self declare meh? siao boh?
  6. wah... same as me... hoh hoh hoh
  7. only have malossi 210cc kit.. too bad.
  8. see lah... post to take 2A... then big cow come say wanna take also.... muhaha
  9. if only the cubs had bigger fuel tanks... e.g. 7-9 litres...
  10. haha... no lah.. you've mistaken me liao. i'm a nice guy... just fooling around... eh CS.. NAH... people do the map for you liao... HAPPY anot?
  11. she busy lah.... where got time to ride?
  12. you didnt state if you wanted free parking or paid parking... choices are.. 1) park at bugis shopping centre.. $1.07 per entry (confirm + chop) 2) park at bras basah... supposedly $0.65 per entry(cant confirm) 3) park at pavement opposite NLB.... any pavement.. free if never get caught. if you ask me, park at bugis is best... outside carpark coupon parking... 65 cents... still gotta kenna rain and shine... 1 dollar for shelter and security guard... i think its fine.
  13. yah lah... they also running business wot... let them earn some bucks lah. if the person paying full cash 3-5k for a bike.. that 20 bucks shouldnt matter too much.. else it'll be a case of penny wise pound foolish. 2 cents.
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