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  1. hi wildcard.. possible to change the title of "kawa versys - anyone riding" thread to an group titled Kawasaki Versys?

  2. Dear WildCard,


    This is Carrie from BANG Public Relations and I would like to send you an invitation to the opening of the Asia Pac office for a company in the motor industry.


    Do drop me an email if you'd be interested to find out more! My email is [email protected].


    Thank you!


    Warmest Regards,

    Carrie Sim

    6372 3572

  3. hi bro

    saw your steed pic, very nice,

    i just brought a used steed and want to install the side box, where did you install it and how much


  4. hello dedy.............

  5. Cheapest option is of course Teka SFI. Tachyon Motors, Looi's and Unity has them. But they are not pretty precise tuning devices. If you got the cash, then can check out items like these: http://www.baysideperformance.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1285_1846&zenid=2094c4b65c8b20341eec40e86f6841ef http://www.bazzazperformance.com/
  6. I may sound biased here, but when you get scenes like these, its hard to say he's wrong. http://bp1.blogger.com/_ZT4j0DELFfQ/R07bTcoYjpI/AAAAAAAAByk/1O1pZzbbQ-Y/s320/78132948.jpg http://bp3.blogger.com/_ZT4j0DELFfQ/R07bT8oYjqI/AAAAAAAABys/14FvYQrXPBo/s320/78132953.jpg http://bp0.blogger.com/_ZT4j0DELFfQ/R07bUMoYjrI/AAAAAAAABy0/EnKjP09bbJA/s320/78134094.jpg http://bp1.blogger.com/_ZT4j0DELFfQ/R07bUcoYjsI/AAAAAAAABy8/f2sfMPaZu0M/s320/3053556401.jpg http://bp1.blogger.com/_ZT4j0DELFfQ/R07bUcoYjtI/AAAAAAAABzE/DPxHIhhy0fw/s320/4037197558-soccer-uefa-champions-league-group-liverpool-v
  7. Erm... white smoke can mean EO is leaking past your piston rings. That's not very good. Worst-case scenario, your piston / piston ring has gone slightly out of shape. When it sufficiently warmed up, the piston / rings has then expanded to fill the gap, thus no more EO leaking past. One way to confirm is bring your bike to a relative dark place during the day and cold-start it there. See if the white smoke appears. You may only notice it during the night coz its dark. Day + white = not noticeable. Best-case scenario : Leftover of whatever material Norman used to clean your TBs are bein
  8. Fugly-looking engine styling and confirmed fugly-endcan. Crap the claims of 'centralized-mass' thing. Its just crappy design. Vtec 1 still looks the best.
  9. I suggest do the same as I did with LPW clones. Disable all 3 accounts. If confirm clone, I'd ban all accounts and trash all posts by these 3 nicks. Make as if the clones never exist at all.
  10. I tot GSR stands for Grand Suzuki Ripoff.... Ah yes, VTEC. The great nepenthe of 400cc bikes. Able to produce power miraculously out of nowhere when activated. Wonder how come SBK and GP bikes dun have VTEC?. Its the miracle of the century....
  11. Nope.. We now come to the subject stickers. Incorrect sticker usage also affects BHP. Sponsor stickers or race trim decals help with the thermo-dynamic harmonism of the bike and helps increase BHP. A large out of place sticker like a Mickey Mouse sends the graph tumbling down...
  12. Thanks for the summary explanation, Siko. The slightly detailed explanation goes like this: Silver, being on the higher end of the color spectrum (above the blue/violet spectrum) has a very small wavelength. As defined: "The smaller the wavelength, the smaller the structures with which they interact and the more powerful the energy." Source: http://www.colormatters.com/sci-physics.html In other words, when light interacts with silver, a high amount of energy is radiated away as silver color which results a major loss in power for the vehicle. Black, at the bottom of the color spectrum a
  13. 1GB now free? Damnz! That's great. Can shift my important photos from my other sites to there.
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