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  1. Bro, ur mailbox fulll, how much u wan offer for my leovince end can. contact me 98734386

  2. hi unique.


    you have Sliders for gsr400? how much? can pm?




    $80 with installation

  3. thanks guys. problem fixed. change the bulb and is working fine again. Thanks all!!
  4. hi bro, rmb me im the one with the derbi bike. bought a b2 from you 2weeks back. i must say it really improve my bike fuel consumption. i use to run about 24-26km per ltr. now i can say is about 30-32km per liter. it really work for my bike. also can i buy another b2 to use? will it work better? also i intend to change my exhaust pipe will it affect in anyway?
  5. the black orange mix on bike is nice. for me i think the orange hand guard caught my attention thats y i take a closer look. : ) seldom see bike colour with this mix except ktm.
  6. I was at tai hin servicing my bike. otw out saw your bike the orange is very eye catching i must say. : )
  7. i think i saw your bike before. your handguard also orange right?
  8. hi any custom Axle Slider for derbi terra bike
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