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  1. Wow... take care bro... just a word of advice... try to wear proper pair of shoes when riding... ;P Speedy recovery!
  2. come join the ride, so you can ask the owner personally. hehe...
  3. personally I thought episode 2 was by far the coolest, clearly showing the whole convoy strength in movement at first light, travelling in formation and having the highway all by ourselves. And not to mention the part where the recon team cleared up the new route for the main group to move ahead!!
  4. haha... i like the part when we were being invaded and sliced left right centre by all the kupkias... we looked so lost and helpless..
  5. wah... although the spyder might look like an ATV-wannabe... but it ain't one, still a rear wheel drive trike lar, can't go off-road nor pushed around on foot. And its a major PITA to wash it if it gets all muddy. kekeke...
  6. Haha... I like the traffic light formation by the 3 sports bikes... Red.. Yellow.. Green.. GO!! http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee372/pandoraskitten/Dawn%20Patrol%20-%202%20July%202011/IMG_0670.jpg
  7. Wahaha... good idea!! No problem... the spyder will be the floodlight and beacon for the group!! Hehehe...
  8. Bumblebee, did u mean to say "the Spyder rider still looks so cool..." Kekeke... Okok... I buy u kopi the next time hor.
  9. Ditto !!! Awesome ride, awesome videos!!! Thanks again to Meow for taking the effort to film and process them.
  10. Wow, great work, Meow!! Thanks for putting this all together. And credit goes out to the whole team who woke up so early and made this ride a very enjoyable and successful one. Thanks!!
  11. Good ride this morning, guys! Thanks kitten for organizing and filming.
  12. I agree. Let's plan a pit stop midway, for anyone to top up, no rush anyway... Just stop to top up and go, max 5 mins? So can still stick to the original route with Changi as the end point then...
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