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  1. We will never beat the rules, this is Singapore. Like you said, the fines will go up, enforcement will be more strict. I have to agree that it might happen. Whats a better way to stop all this mods, harsher penalty. Harsher so it can deter. That is how our country does it. We are a safe country you have to admit it. If the regulations go down, definitively something will go up and that is going to be more wild illegal rides. The debate will never end. Never. Its all about your choice. The rules are out there. Ride with stock or with mods. Its your choice. I have done th
  2. You will never walk alone

  3. make a visit down to Harley shop at alexandra and ask the friendly chaps there, and can try demo bikes too
  4. East sider! Lets go ride! vroom vroom!
  5. i have already got invited to the tour...
  6. Some one selling his HD with an after exhaust with a switcher that can open and close the pipes. Went to the website and read abit on it and it looks interesting. Any of u guys have any experience on this exhaust to share?
  7. Wassup people, just happen to chance upon this thread ans read this post, just have to comment as i oso have the same experience. One day on the road at traffic light, one cub zai on the road one of the day and he said the same thing to me. "eh ur harley bo sound leh"
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