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  1. from ur description ur problem is same as mine lei if u read what i posted before.. n our bike should be similar batches cos mine is orange too.. fy8xxx de.. haha.. but then now i change whole carb including the item u named inside.. still got like no power after 115.. gota see mech soon too.. but hor they said when i changed all should be fine but now i duno whats the cause either.. but after carb changed u wont feel the problem of when u cold engine start bike.. as for will u be back to my current problem will have to wait n see.. anyway i change carb at $220.. cos that item alone might c
  2. but from the above price list given.. does premas able to fine such as the void deck too? or even double yellow line.. cos their main task is parking lots such as cupon or even outside like the other 2 example..
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