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  1. Text me still available 90608484

  2. SK I

    no more available

  3. aprie

    Bro, iu still available? Text me at 90670682. Thanks

  4. Hi JackDaniels,

    I was searching through the forum and came across your previous sale of an R6 lowering link. Do you know where I can buy these in Singapore?

    I have an '01 R6 that is too high for me. Thanks for any information.




  5. Please PM me if anyone is selling his/her Intruder VL125. Thanks.
  6. Ah...and a pair of fork oil seals
  7. Hi guys, does anyone know where I can find a stock blue coloured mudguard for the Raider? Many thanks!
  8. yishun if u wana view. u cn contact me @92285419..thnx

  9. SK I

    Hello, I am looking for vespa. If u r selling. Let me know your plate number and model. Thanks!

  10. Hi malsa77, ur AU plated vespa for sale? What model? Where to view?

  11. SK I

    It is sold long time ago... sorry.

  12. sppg

    Hi Bro, is the 'RJ' M sized helmet still available??

  13. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=278749&highlight=vespa

    about this bike, you mentioned you got something to say about this bike?

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