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  1. Folks, Anyone want to sell his/her saddle bags with mounting kit for VFR 6th Gen.? Or anyone knows where can I buy those in Singapore? 2nd hand is okay. Thank alot...
  2. Hi there. So happy to hear you guys enjoy the trip in Vietnam. It's also our pleasure to see and escort you from the Border to HCMC. I'd like to share some pics taken from the trip to Moc Bai Border to meet up you guys... This is our team's logo (ACEMTSaigon): http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/5272/ace1resize.jpg Early morning, we departed from HCM @ 06:00. Breakfast on the way to Moc Bai (about 20km to the border): http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn317/viethorse/2010-ACE-SGN-MocBai/IMG_3269_GF.jpg Our bikes, outside of TayNinh special noodle shop: http://i307.photobuck
  3. It's great trip Bros. Nice to meet you up and go along from Moc Bai to HCMC. Wish to make trip like u guys in near future... VH.
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