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  1. hello ahpek..you still selling E.O?

  2. hey..i would like to order the rain[coat] trial pack...wanna give it a try :D

  3. wah got kopi session..im in... :)

  4. its a honda sonic 125..

    raider is different bike. raider is suzuki 150cc.


    i bought it at asp for 1.8k, i'm the 2nd owner.

    i've seen private sellers sell $900 for the older model. which difference basically the full coverset (fairing)

  5. hey, wanna know how much do you buy ur sonic raider..is it 1st hand or 2nd hand?

  6. thanks bro for the opinion..i think pay one shot better.. that time my friend ask me i going to pay installment or one shot..i say pay one shot.. then he say you stupid ah..wahlan deh feel like want to smack his head sia...still have a heart to say when people hear i pay one shot they will say i crazy.. -.-
  7. hey guys i wanna know is it good to pay the bike on installment or pay it one shot.. I wanna plan and intend of getting an x1r 2nd hand
  8. saw it at *scape..looks awesome....but its look high for me..im 1.60..
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