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  1. Triggered by a posting with regarding to YZF-R15 V3 and was instantly amazed at the machine. Had the V1 in way back in 14 and I still remember the days where I would deliberately go bike shopping while taking lessons from SSDC. Imaginations sets in whenever I walk by the glass panel and step one "oh, I had a 2B license for the longest time and Im not too sure it R15 is the right bike?" and proceed asking alot of questions. Questions that for a bike veteran like them wold instantly call bluff at my lack of biking knowledge. This thread has been the motivation for my grueling bike lessons wh
  2. Lol! I like the way it was put across as keeping well and living a great life. Hard a 15 CBR1K, love of my life and travelled many places with it. Number plate was even bidded to be the same as Marquez. #93 Ride well, ride safe and prosper ppl!
  3. I'm the first! wohooo!

    Female rider hard to come along :)

  4. im surprised at how fast you managed to find me here XD

  5. Not yet. My bike is with my bike shop.. they pushing it to HL on monday to see what can be done. I fear they wouldnt change my bike but only some parts. Would be nice if they change one for one sia.. since its production fault
  6. ME! (I have to type something here just in case I can post this up)
  7. Then again I must say I feel glad that when the problem occurs in m'sia, I have a shop to patch things till I was in S'pore. And there even chances of wheel being locked in place. Ya, atleast I am safe and alive.
  8. Production fault. imagine the odds. The shaft rod is not straight and it is crooked. Plus the brake clip is not in-line causing the rear not having maximum braking effect, only the lower part was used.. like.. 20% of the brake surface. Inside the wheel between a pair of bearings were one more rod, that rod was shorter. It looks like there is a gap cause by the crooked part. This cause the bearing to be smashed and having a 'sand hitting a metal' sound when riding. On top of that, the mis-alignment cause my wheel to not be able to spin freely. How un-lucky can I get XD
  9. Can you believe it?! Of all the bike released from Hong Leong, I actually had a bike that has production fault.
  10. Anyone going for the outing but still hanging here now?
  11. Yikes I'm feeling bad already. But I don't see much whilst walking la.. Im your rival! HEHE! I'm working with Domino's pizza I explored the AXS machine before. Under "others" (or something along that line) there will be alot of icons.. One of it is CKA's. I even see mah there I think. It works.. My daystar friend uses that. But sadly no GIRO la.. hehe.
  12. Im considering scottoiler actually YAY! Darn interested in that. Saw it somewhere.. Someone was advertising it. Maybe it was you :X HAHA!
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