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  1. I never know Singapore also has R9.. Lots of Ninja250 riders use R9 because it's cheap.
  2. Alright, I have no idea whether this is gonna be in the wrong section or not, but I wanna ask is there any place in Singapore where I can do test ride for a bike? Or maybe some special event that allow us to do test riding? Additional information: I'm Indonesian who study in Singapore.. and If there is, can I do test ride by showing them my Indonesia driving (riding.. or whatever) license?
  3. just to let you know there's a leaked information in Indonesia that CBR250R price will be 48million rupiah which means about SGD6858 for the C-ABS version and 45million rupiah or SGD6429 (assuming SGD1 = 7000rupiah) -on the road price-
  4. Hello, I'm an Indonesian and last month when I went back to Indonesia, I saw the new Honda CBR150 already in some Honda dealers. Basically, the dimension of this bike is quite big comparing to the previous CBR150 and it's fuel injected. I personally did not test the bike because the dealer did not allow me to since they just got 3 units from the supplier. As the design, it looks good and muscular, I don't think it's as big as R15, it looks bigger. The tires have been transform into a bigger size. Referring from the design, this bike is recommended :-)
  5. Hello, just to let you know that I'm an Indonesian and I study in Singapore now. I suggest if you considering Honda Tiger as one of your choices, better not to buy this bike first because there's a rumor in Indonesia there will be a really new Honda Tiger at least within 1 or 2 years. Even more, the demand for a really new Honda Tiger is very high because Honda Indonesia never put any refreshment for the engine since 1993. Note: Honda Tiger is very popular in Indonesia.
  6. I think you can consider Honda CB Unicorn dazzler also. the features are semi-digital speedometer and disc brake for front and rear. the design looks quite nice too. Besides India, Honda Indonesia produces this bike also, the name is Honda New Mega Pro. Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Indonesia version: http://i968.photobucket.com/albums/ae168/Vanz21fashion/hondanewmegaprosw.jpg http://i968.photobucket.com/albums/ae168/Vanz21fashion/hondanewmegaprocw.jpg
  7. it seems like Yoshi in malay is SGD20-50 cheaper than in Indonesia. If that's the case then i will surely buy it in indonesia. nowadays the airport people in indonesia is annoying, they may stop me if I bring along things like muffler and of course at the end they ask for money..
  8. guys.. this is maybe off the topic, but when I read through omnislash's story about he bought a pair of battlax BT45 and he thought he overpaid, suddenly I remember when I looked at an AGV helmet in klantan area. I was looking for AGV gothic black - Rossi edition and the price was ridiculous. At the first time the shop keeper gave an offer for the helmet for about SGD400. Then I bargained 3 times until he reduced the price to SGD250. I said to him I would think first then I straight away checked the price in Indonesia which is 1,750,000 rupiah. Assume 1SGD=7000 so SGD250 X 7000rupiah = exactly
  9. wow.. you got the fuel-injection version? it's supposed to be the Europe version. In Indonesia, Ninja250R uses conventional carb. I heard in Malaysia you'll get the fuel-injection version for Nonja250 Special Edition
  10. well.. maybe i'll buy the muffler in indonesia.. in indonesia Yoshimura USA, two brothers and leo vince is about 6,800,000 rupiah which means almost SGD1000 (assume SGD1=7000rupiah) do you think it's too expensive? I still ride the bike when I go back to Indonesia for holiday.. :-)
  11. yes, it's front and rear.. in my hometown, Bandung BT45 is about SGD214.5. SGD320 for a pair of BT45 is surely too expensive, but I have no idea about the market price in Singapore
  12. yes, it's front and rear.. in my hometown, Bandung BT45 is about SGD214.5. SGD320 for a pair of BT45 is surely too expensive, but I have no idea about the market price in Singapore
  13. it costs me 1,500,000 rupiah. assume 1SGD=7000rupiah, it's supposed to be about SGD214.5
  14. eh, i forgot to tell you.. i actually study in singapore now.. :-)
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