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  1. Brand new adjustable, folding, and extendable (extendable in the sense where you can adjust the lever to be further or nearer to the grip) brake & clutch levers with “Triumph” logo laser etched on. Fits for the following bikes: Triumph Speed Triple 1050 (2011-2015) Triumph Speed Triple R (2012-2015) Triumph Daytona 675 R (2011-2016) It’s Black/Titanium in colour, and made from Aluminium. Easy to install and no modifications needed! Unscrew, remove, swap over levers, screw back on and done! I do not think these are universal fitting, but if you think it might fit your motorcy
  2. This group still active? Just joined the Triumph family!
  3. Does Planet do Triumph Motorcycle, anyone knows? Or if anyone passing by, a quick check with them please?
  4. I can confirm this. You've got to get use to the throttle. Opening and Closing is not the way to go!
  5. Oh... Okie. Thanks Thanks. At least there is, but anyone know the rates, roughly?
  6. How's the NBC calculated? All the while I've been the Sub Rider to my father, we've never claimed anything, and my Dad have not claimed anything from Insurance for a few years now, be it Car or Bike. So the NB will still be granted upon the new Insurance premium for a different vehicle? Oh, and is there still a difference between the Main Rider and Sub Rider Insurance. I know NTUC takes into consideration the 'lousier' rider, so Premium will be based on that person. How about other Insurance Companies?
  7. What's NCB? And I'm mainly looking at a Ducati.
  8. If you're looking at the Yamaha TZM because of the size of the bike, look also at the Aprilia RS125, y2k or 2007 models, or the Cagiva Mito.
  9. I'm not in TP yet, so I'm checking. So the lockers are quite big right? Can fit in like FF, Jacket and whatever biking stuff right? Anyone knows the rough cost? Or any free place to keep such stuff? What is GO btw?
  10. I'm seeking those who maybe work in an Insurance company or someone who knows the answer I'm seeking. Question: What are the needed information that an Insurance Company (Be it NTUC, Mitsui, AIG... Etc.) required so that they can given an accurate quotation of Insurance for a particular bike. Well, I'm looking to purchase a Class 2 Bike, however, I'd want to enquire about the Insurance Premium of each bike before making a final decision, as a Cheap Machine Priced bike, might get myself hit by the Insurance. P.S. Maybe when listing out the Information, you can give in this format. 1)
  11. CDC Class 2A, the theory is quite a waste of time actually, but they might teach you something interesting (Well, it was interesting to me, because I didn't know that UNTIL I went for the theory). Other than that, its just Practical. Need more practice, because 2B and 2A, there's quite a gap. I'm one of those who 'kept license' then enrol 2A, I rode about only 4 to 6 months after I pass 2B and stopped for 6 to 8 months before enrollment. Not much problem actually.
  12. Wanna check, is there Lockers available in TP? Like maybe can fit a Full-Face helmet in. Or even anywhere to do so without leaving it at the bike or carrying around the campus.
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