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  1. interested in a bigger ducati? i have a st2 for cheap sale. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forum/index....howtopic=134629
  2. where did u get ur information from bro?
  3. omg are u sure?? they have been around for quite sometime
  4. power. 2.06 is for m4?? i bet the monster s4 can do 1.50s yeah i miss the twins sound.
  5. side stand??for m400 i changed mine for 90 two yrs back
  6. here in singapore not like USA.no one really sell engine here..even if u scrap ur vehicle, u need to give the frame and engine.
  7. msportbike?i was there for the msportbike event at KL zouk some time back
  8. wahahah definately faster than ur previous duc
  9. yeah or monster is good for city riding.just pulls off when the lights turn green
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