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  1. xavw thanks for that. so 400-600 a month yeah? I notice the cost of the food i love it. cougar. if its about 2k + i should be able to get by? i do not really work on smaller bikes. here in oz big bike are the normal thing to see on the roads but the scooters here are growing in numbers. thanks for the help does anyone know someone i can call and find out more information about this idea of mine? does anyone know how long people do apprenticeships in singapore for motorcycle mech? have any of you been to oz and ridden bikes here?
  2. Hi I just felt like signing up and saying hi to my fellow bikers in singapore. my name is Mark I live in Sydney Australia i'm moving towards being quallifed as a motorcycle mechanice. I work on mainly BMW in Sydney. I just got back from a trip to Singapore - and when to sepang (malaysia) for a track day and loved it. I'm thinking of trying to get a working holiday to singapore because i want to live in a diffrent culture but i don't know enough to know if i can even do it or not. i have a few questions if anyone can help me with this it would be great 1. What does a motorcycle mechanice g
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