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  1. Nice meet up with everyone on friday and thanks sp2 for making the meetup possible. By the way, hagacalvin, do you have the website for King's road?
  2. Be there after workabt 8pm plus
  3. Got them at JB at my friends shop, cant remember how much

  4. Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird (2001 Bright Sliver) BACKSIDE ICHY SALE Planning to sell my devotedly looked after BB to any new owner. Reason for selling, thinking hard to buy a new Blackbird. Present bike will be sold as stock bike for $8200.00. Just renew road tax for 6 months on 6 Feb 2008. Wife said OLD one don't go, NEW one cannot come. Viewing can be done preferably in town or east. For those who knows me well, bike is only serviced at K & T. Even Clifford said that i am 'seow' to sell the bike away. But to be fair, i am the 4th owner and mileage is 104,000km. But i have sinc
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