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  1. Priced reduced to $8500 for urgent sale! Slightly negotiable!! Option 1: -$8,500 cash plus carry on COI. Will add as sub rider then transfer after full payment done. Option 2: -$12244 cash and I will settle the loan and transfer ownership to you.
  2. Price reduced!! Slightly negotiable!! For quick sale!!
  3. - COE renewed on 14 Dec 2016, for 10years. - Have been riding this bike for 2+years, since September 2015. - Selling as I've just bought a car and only ride once a week, very underutilised. - Engine oil, spark plugs, oil filter changed every 5000km or 6 months whichever is earlier. - 1 fuel tank can go about 300 – 320km, depending on riding pattern. - Stationary drop once, minor cosmetic scratch. - Mileage 159008 km. Comes with the following: - Original blue paintwork, minor paint peel - Yoshimura Full System (LTA-legal) - Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 - Original Showa Suspen
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  5. how do i know if my Tiger can use Standard or New?

  6. my sprocket size is 43HF

  7. hi bro ... can do .


    Can i know what is your present sproc size?



    Sinnob size available


    Tiger Standard 13T 43 wif 520 DID Daytona chain = $115 + $27 (ship & WU fees)

    Tiger New 13T 39 wif 520 DID Daytona chain= $123 + $27 (ship & WU fees)


    I will update to you once I got info from Indon on actual size for Tiger.


    Sinnob maybe slightly ex here but you get better and comfortable ride.


    Let me know ... msg me pls 97821440

  8. im not sure where is the batt..haha..i think i'll just go to a shop to get it repaired..thanks again alvinyansg
  9. thanks man..i'll try that and post back here
  10. hey guys..i think i got some problem with my bike..the batt drains out when im not using it..if i dont use my bike for abt a day, i need to push start or kick start as there is no power in my batt..anyone got any idea why??or got any lobang to fix??how much roughly?
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