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  1. They told me will be able to get the bike within two weeks.Anyway is they any real big difference in 07 and 08 model.The salesman told me that the 08 model comes with brembo master pump and the 3rd 4th 5th gear very powerful.They have a 07 r6 in the shop which i like alot so if they is not much difference i might get the 07 if the price is reasonable.
  2. I think should be 2nd party never ask properly,i ask them tml.But if its 2nd party is it ok,the price?
  3. They never tell me the break down,but told me insurance is about $1100 for me 24 years old.Say if i get the 07 r6 will be cheaper by $600.I very keen to get r6,hope to find a gd deal.
  4. Hi got a quote for a 08 r6 for $21760,with eveything in ,is it reasonable?Thanks for ur help
  5. Hi everyone,need some of ur help.I have a black super four spec 3,register aug 2007.Bike fully stock millege is about 3600 km.Bike is fully paid for and i was wondering how much can i get for the bike if i wan to sell it,thanks for ur help.
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