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  1. Too bad they dun have long sleeves. Transfers has been rather slow lately.... Are we seeing another striker soon?
  2. We need points. Hehe everybody noes that. If i can hope for the scores, I hope for 4-0........ kinda wishful thinking. haha Hope the 2 weeks can make the team gel up more..
  3. Elan7891 > Simi other stuffs? May wan to add in to my collection. hehe
  4. I think... this is the 14526 times I have post this......... Disappointing....... 12 more games..... Keegan said he is aware of the 40 point safe mark..... My question..... is 40 points really safe? If so... will we ever get 12 points (current is 28 i think) from the maximum 36 left? Think most of us here would feel, that there's nothing left for us to play.. only hoping that our team will gel and have enuff points to stay afloat and come back and challenge the big guns next season.
  5. Is martin really back fro ANC already???
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