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  1. Hi... juz wanna noe.. any1 using iridium spark plug for thier sportie..? i'm thinking of changing but need to find out wat is best heat range to use..
  2. Haha..... i'm still keeping my pecah plate and cover.. see how it goes.. Anyway.. didnt know ROSLI's shop was relocated when i went there...It's now at auto kaki bukit...
  3. Hi guys... Few days ago, my HD was being "touched".. Not by god but suspect to be the parking attandance. My bike was uncovered by force causingmy no plate pecah into half. Of course my cover was also torn. a saman was left behind. i've already launched a complaint but i doubt 'll get a reply from them...So angry and feeling LL at the same time.. haha...
  4. If u like it ... do give it a try at the showrm.. feel it for urself..Itys free for tryin.
  5. check ur nuts? I mean loss nuts on ur hd...not the other nut...
  6. U staying at Compassvale?
  7. Tony's workshop is at Kallang Ave Industtrial ctr, blk 4 (Custom Cycle)
  8. Good day to all, any1 lettin go highway peg for sportie pls pm me. Thanks..
  9. Anyone got Sportster riser with top clamp to let go?
  10. yes. pretty sure.... Upper muffler is using normal nuts. The cheeky one is the lower muffler..Tat particular nut really drives me to nut..
  11. There's one Special nut securing the lower pipe.. The nut's outer thread defer from the norm..The outer thread is slanding. Normal spanner dont think can get a good grip on the nut.. erm dun noe how to explain.. haha.. Maybe 'll go check it out...
  12. hmmm..thanks mate.. thinking of changing myself but saw a special nut that need special tool..guess i hv to bring to workshop this time round.. Think 'll get rid of the special nut. replace those normal one so next time i can change myself:cheeky:
  13. Hi ... just checking. I'm goining for inspection soon.. I'm thinking of whther or not to change back my stock pipe . Did any1 of u gone thru the inspection with SE pipe?
  14. Didnt scan ard cos i left after getting my parts..anyway i'm not very frquent to HD stores at alx.. But the new stores @ taka seems ok... think i saw sum nice new design T shirt..& the price is also nice... 200 plus for a simple T.. haha...
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