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  1. Selling below items 1. Oxford Sprint tailbag - comes with raincover - comes with all original accessories - Item 8/10 - Selling $130 (nego) 2. Oxford Saddlebag (OF414) - Comes with raincover - Comes with all original accessories - Item 8/10 - Selling $100 (nego) Please contact me @ 98281143 for fast deal [ATTACH=CONFIG]340911[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]340912[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]340913[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]340914[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]340915[/ATTACH]
  2. *Hi sis.. U selling e moto gp ticket?.. Im very interested, i msged ur fren given e num at ur post.. Understand tat u will b overseas today?.. Im really interested.. How can i deal sis ? *




    I'm back, thanks for your interest. When would you be available to collect the tickets. Please reply asap before i let go the tickets to another buyer.





    91804947 - Call me.... it's easier for communication

  3. Hmm.. Bro if i gt no facebk bt e link is here cn i still access to c e pic?.. Im still outdated ah, wo facebk.. Lol.
  4. Hmm.. Ok, will join if my petrol goin to b empty.. Nw still very full.. Hehe.
  5. N e bangla kena fool by hasri.. Lol.. Joker sia dat bangla.. Luckily no cars on e other side.. Lol!.
  6. Guys, The Next Meet up is on 02-07-2011 (Saturday) We are going to Desaru And Kota Tinggi (Cruise Along The New Desaru Highway E22 , Sight-Seeing At Desaru & Swimming At Kota Tinggi) Timing : 0530 hrs Meeting Point : Esso, 50 Woodlands Avenue 1 S(739066) Purpose : Ride,SightSeeing & Swimming Places : Desaru & Kota Tinggi Budget : RM$100 (Inc petrol,bring extra just in case) Attire : Long Pants and Covered Footwear (minimum for safety reasons) **Help for those who never been to Esso Woodlands** 1) http://www.gothere.sg 2) "key in your current postal code" to 739066
  7. I juz reach hm frm cinema watchin transformer!.. Lol.. Meet u guys ltr!.. So theres 10 of us rite?..
  8. Mr outspoken, i im nt wrong hondawave wont b joinin rite?..
  9. Hehe.. Can2, 10rm per bike.. Enuf to cover for e trip.. Haha.
  10. Hehe.. Can2, 10rm per bike.. Enuf to cover for e trip.. Haha.
  11. Hey guys.. All of u will b swimmin at kota tinggi?.. I might not b swimmin.. Juz watch u guys swimmin only.. Haha..
  12. Hi bros.. Any recomendation to get a steering damper at a gd price?.
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