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  1. Bike is sold thanks all for the interest
  2. Adventure Asia or Mtechnik
  3. Confirmed list; 1. Simon Soh ST1300 9272 9028 2. Tinggi aka Jeff GSA 3. KENFOO18 Busa 4. J. BlackBird 5. Cruzz_77/NC750/ 6. James 1190Adv 7. Pizzaboy F800GT 8.
  4. Hi Pizza Boy. do u still have the spare clutch cable for

    NT650? if yes i would like to get from you :) let me know how should i link up with u. Thanks.

  5. Lookin for street-legal pipe
  6. Anyone sellin off their akra or termi slip-ons for c650gt?
  7. FBJ series? Fxxk Blow Job
  8. Shd not be a prob if u position urself abit more to the front, however u can go dwn for a test-ride to see if è bike suits u.
  9. Go dwn to pml take a test ride on c650gt & it will help u guys to decide easier...anyway u guys gettin agent bike or frm PI?
  10. Yup it all boils dwn to either buyin a peace of mind or how deep ur pockets r, afterall its a huge savin of btw $5-6k compared to pml cut throat pricelist. Ah Tiong showed me dat he has è computer to reset ECU settins & to check for error diagnosis. Still in dilemma over AN650 or C650GT
  11. Speedway is sellin oni $18.8k w/o ins
  12. Seems like tare r numerous issues of tis new scoot could it be due to usin kymco's parts dats causin all tis technical fault
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