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  1. Real men ride carburetted.
  2. Hello All Red Garage Custom Bike Show and Rally in Kl Malaysia. KL International Bike Rally http://mrmc20091.militiarider.com/poster-final-FB.jpg Just FYI.
  3. Good Day Seastorm


    There is a Lady Riders Nite for all of Singapore's female bikers on 21st May.


    Hope you can spread the word to your lady rider friends and even those ladies with no bike license to come join in the fun and community.




    Singapore's First Ever Lady Riders Nite



  4. my bike num is 89.can u send one of the nicest pic of late feroz pic?

  5. Hello All Riders FYI. Launch of new HD models and party! *A prize will go out to a dude and chick whose threads are out of sight! (that means the hippiest dressed dude and chick's gonna win a prize!) Website flyer:HD Funky Party Nite Cheers
  6. Good day gathering of Harley riders! FYI. A.I.M.E. poster. A.I.M.E press release info http://mrmc20071.militiarider.com/myPictures/aime2007kl.jpg Cheers
  7. Hello! Harley Davidson 2008 Model Launch and SBBF2007 at different locations on the same day??? Anyone find it strange as Harley was so into it at last year's SBBF? http://www.militiarider.com/bwah/bwah10.jpg Bikers with a Heart
  8. Hello Harley guys Just for your info. A friend's new shop: http://www.mrmc20071.militiarider.com/air3prolaunch2007.html http://mrmc20071.militiarider.com/myPictures/shane2007.jpg Link: http://www.mrmc20071.militiarider.com/air3prolaunch2007.html Cheers
  9. For a couple of friends. Cheers http://militiarider.com/rdmchitandrunbanner.jpg Click here for details: http://sinbiker.blogspot.com/
  10. Roadking = ride longer distances due to the comfort and best touring every week dyna = more suited for running around in town (touring also possible of course) Roadking = big presence on the road dyna = sharp and sleek but can be mistake for jap cruisers (except the sound) Roadking = better resale value Dyna= good roadbike but not so popular in resale market Roadking = difficult to customise (shape is there always) Dyna = do wat you want! Drag bars, stretched tank, inverted forks etc... just my cents worth.
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