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  1. I expect destructive testing according to the Singapore Standard Protective helmets for motor cyclists SS 9: 1992. Which is what the PSB does - apply destructive impact to one helmet in every batch tested.
  2. Isn't the deal on contact lenses in Singapore good enough?
  3. Yes. "Sunglasses worn together with the approved visor is ok. This is also the current position for motorcyclists as well as for motorcar drivers. In situations where it's dark/dimly lit, riders are expected to remove the sunglasses. The standard for the new visor is deemed clear enough for universal (including night) use." http://www.ifaq.gov.sg/spf/apps/fcd_faqmain.aspx?qst=2fN7e274RAp%2bbUzLdEL%2fmCxs7iwcgv8gv2atNDOvsLAEdec%2bJ09X52eihykjrv4IFkC2yMhI4mlNnBiq%2b9vYRvYeLWaug4AOXlTpICLwVogzbn%2ft7UuQXzGXY%2bastqsVSuOrSh8Y0oAabuIHvcHdPsegABtRb9%2fgNKuh3na9Y3dEd4TUAvbOgQOLLehObxNkqm6jwHNBj5M
  4. Crash helmet is for motorcycling impact. SAF helmet is for mortar fragments or bullets hitting it an angle.
  5. I confirm $0.65 for Bras Basah Complex. If you're going to pay $1 then I would prefer to park inside the library building if it's during off peak hours.
  6. Singapore will be either near the Polo Club and the nature trails around it or the more open terrain at the Saddle Club on Fairways Drive.
  7. The sub-rider has no rights in the hire purchase agreement.
  8. Welcome! The plank can be very tricky. The hint is to look at the pylon beyond the plank (i.e. the first pylon of the pylon slalom) and keep focusing on that as you move through the plank. For the pylons, if you look at the next cone only, you're likely to hit that cone. You need to look at least one cone ahead of the one that you'll pass next. For the e-brake, do not pull in the brake suddenly - or else the brake will lock. My advice is for the first time, to pull in the brake as normal braking, and see where you end up stopping. This will tell you how much you have to adjust the next
  9. 1800 CALL LTA. They are pretty responsive to feedback on road conditions - I've personally experienced it several times.
  10. Why should they? Trainees are to learn riding in all weather conditions, not only in indoor conditions. After all, the license is not only for fair weather. Unlike the bad old days 15 years back, when trainees were confined to SSDC's circuit and were licensed without ever going onto a public road, now they have to go on the public roads, do u-turns, do e-brake on wet surface, etc. It is only logical to keep the class 4 and 5 vehicles training on the lower floors.
  11. hi, where do you ride? in Singapore or overseas?
  12. Straits Times Feb 9, 2008 Clients throng Law Society's free clinic 1,100 people have sought legal advice on personal issues since Community Legal Clinic opened its doors last September By Radha Basu SOME come for advice on how to deal with marriages gone sour. Others want to recover unpaid loans. Yet others wonder whether they would have a leg to stand on if their employment dispute went to court. In the five months since it opened its doors, a free clinic for those seeking legal advice has been inundated with more than 1,100 clients. Run by the pro bono service of the
  13. Waiting for you to get your "new" RT to make 3 of us!
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