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  1. boss, ur scooter cover, got blue?

    how to deal?

  2. guys if pit shirts (still keen) http://www.kratos.com.sg/pdf/F1.pdf check it out
  3. help me buy a girl virgin hourglass figure with c cups and most importantly, must like to wear different kind of uniforms, and likes to role play i thinking of buying 1 for cheeko poon as gift of appreciation, for leading NUS riders to trips and also to do a blind test, if it turns out bad, at least its none of my business.....LOL
  4. i tot u said i am cuter? *faster run away*
  5. AHhhhhhhhhhAHhhhhhhhhhhh sianz day at work WHERE IS MY GODSISTER???????????
  6. how about this on 29th Feb (fri night, one more week) a bunch of AMK riders, from wholivesnearyou, meetin up at AMK Ave10, 500+ there the prata shop who onz?
  7. OH NO OH NO my godsister angry le siao liao le :cry:
  8. as for, who is my sweet and cute godsister who left the love letter...... i mean, lovely note on my bike is the lovely kips rider i have quoted :lovestruck: :lovestruck:
  9. so chie hui hao lianing ur cam HP ah? and why? jealous ah? my godsister greet me, u not happy ah?
  10. haha of cos happy la just tt i cannot see the map ley why sia? when? when we flame each other again? so fun wahahaha
  11. aiyo not happy start flaming each other la come lets start the fire
  12. yea road lessons watch out check blind spot -- not for ur points deduction, but for ur life
  13. were u with one aprilla and another 2 bikes all mercury visor? came back about 4pm ? 1st link?
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