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  1. Hi handsome

    check with you. Have you got this "PROTEK HS - H 18 Dedicated Vehicle Harness kit" for your NC700 for 12v socket??

  2. wanna check with everyone here. for a 7yo FZ6. normally full tank before reserve, how long can the bike go?? I can go like abt 240km before reserve...
  3. Last time used to pump Esso98, now switch to Shell95... My bike FC like 16km/litre leh....
  4. Today While riding back from work, after exiting PIE(Bukit Botak Road) towards Chua Chu kang. The road is abit jam before Shell station. I was lane splitting between lane 2 & 3, this malaysia kup cut to the front of me from middle of lane 1 & 2 with less then 1 bike length without signalling and blind spot checking.... Immediately, I rev my engine quite loudly to warn him that there is a bike behind him... Then, the "best" part come. After he got in front of me, he jam brake and stop in front of me... I was not riding that fast and managed to brake w/o jamming brake... He just turn a
  5. Wah lau, that time "kub" until dun know what..... Want to "kub" Super4 leh
  6. VVSS, you organise and see how many wanna go. I would go if they have CB400 for Defense riding
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