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  1. Looks like no one having kopi here. all went to hardware zone issit?
  2. GregTay67


    By the way happy new year everybody!
  3. GregTay67


    wa lao, this topic is the can of worms leh. People will fight over this. I'm Android by the way. Stopped at iphone 3GS because the ios that time really CMI. LOL
  4. Ya. Yamaha don't make this anymore. In Singapore last time, only recon models were brought in. Only 10+ brought in. Scrapped liao
  5. Se up a new store recently in Singapore for dental stuff. Just go have a look here. Don't need to buy. Read the blog about how I lost 3 teeeth and how to prevent it if you are young still. Can ask me about my experience going through many sessions at National Dental Centre to fix my gum disease. Thanks. Can remove if not appropriate.
  6. Thanks guys. Just miss riding. Especially covid time riding is still the best thing to do. My favourite was the FZX750 Fazer Too bad got to scrap it.
  7. GregTay67


    Hello? Anyone around? Seems like dead section here.
  8. Hi all. Not riding any longer due to kena guntong. Still love bikes and waiting to get back my license in 2 years time. Yes, quite serious offence.
  9. who have ta200 willing to help me to start my bike? Bike in bedok now
  10. Lost my phantom keys today. any suggestions? I lost the box key also. Where to make new key? Do I need to tow the bike to the locksmith?
  11. Whole day drizzle. Boring.
  12. Only scooter can block out all the water splashes. On normal bikes there is no solution.
  13. Will not be coming. Wet road. Catch up another day.
  14. Don't use cover under shelter. The cover probably keep the moisture in making it rust.
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