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  1. sold already

  2. hi..care for intro bro....r u malay rider?

  3. Support the local scooter tuning scene! http://www.facebook.com/ScooternNarcotics

  4. If u wanna talk about top speed, myself u better pick YAMAHA SPARK 135...
  5. hmm ok...thanks for the answer bro...But i wanna know what is the causes and symptoms that can affect the performance? Is it the tuning setting? Or it is cause by other mechanism problem.For me i really like the exhaust....Very nice lah bro. You ever tried to fix it at your bike previously or u get the information from other mechanic or friend? Thanks again bro for your helpful answer...
  6. pls take a look at this....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxIjaiQOECc
  7. It is made from India rite?
  8. Hi bro..thanks for the understanding.I just wanna ask u lah bro.Is it possible to fix exhaust pipe that currently using by SPARK 135 on the road now? If i'm not mistaken, there are a few brands... Looks like can fit to G max bro... Thanks
  9. Sorry.....it's type error.... GONG XI FA CAI to all the chinese rider here...
  10. oh yaa...sorry to all....i really make a mistake....actually is CNY not CNN... thanks for the correction.... Sorry again for the mistake...
  11. Hi you still have your roadwin for sale? If so can tell me more about the condition of the bike. THanks

  12. hi bro.....don't try to open so many thread lah....
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