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  1. hi there you looking at Daelim S3? I'm riding one currently, if the price is right maybe we can discuss. =]


    New one shld be ard S$9k++, what price you looking at?

    Mine is Aug 2012 registered, so already 1 year 4 months old.

  2. http://www.cbxmanmotorcycles.com/Aftermarket-Motorcycle-Products/Chemicals-Lubricants/4-Stroke-Motor-Oil/Bel-Ray-96262-Thumper-20W50-4-Stroke-Racing-Motor-Oil-1-Liter-Bottle.jpg Belray thumper 20w50(Unique motorsports/hkl) $18 Hydher - After 1000k,gear shifting was slick 4.5/5 TheChosenX - I loved it to the end. Only after 1000k++ that the throttle is smoother and engine has lesser vibration. 4.5/5 http://www.castrol.com/liveassets/bp_internet/castrol/castrol_malaysia/STAGING/local_assets/images/products/mco_power14t_malaysia_375x253.jpg Castrol Power 1 15w40 (Thailand) 100 baht / S
  3. naim bro, thanks for your reply. how many days did your overhaul take? the camchain in the picture is a new set. how does your cam chain look like that made you decide to do a change?
  4. bro can u help me locate the thread. i can't find it at the CMO threads. ty!
  5. i havent pumped 98 for a while now. been using 92 mostly and 95 occasionally and 98/V-Power never. i guess i should feed my bike with RON98, i can't stand the vibrations of late.
  6. Hi bros, I'm having a severe sadness with my bike akin my wife suffering cancer. I recently sent my bike to a workshop at west coast to replace the cam chain tensioner and was told by the boss (sam) that i need to do a $200-$300 top overhaul as the timing chain is thinning already. It won't be long before the timing chain snaps and i'll have to pay more to do a $400-$600 full overhaul. He based it on my previous cam chain tensioner and his experience to suggest the overhaul. He also suggested that i continue riding and don't think about it, when time is up, send the bike in and overhaul
  7. u guess??

    hahah going to get my second ic soon..

  8. here's mine, http://i.ytimg.com/vi/UrvM-6QjH8o/default.jpg and a video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrvM-6QjH8o
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