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  1. Very hard to answer your question. It depends on how much u willing to pay for it. Single and double digits numbers usually have more competitors. But double digits u might get it just by bidding at the min. 1k if u are lucky.
  2. If u have evidence, just report police. Btw, there is a higher risk when buying online.
  3. No contract is above the law. Your story damn fake!
  4. Do report to the relevant authorities if u have evidence. Letting him go is as good as giving him more chances to con others.
  5. I think u should have gotten your license by now. But for those that happen to have the same question in future, the answer is No. Be it practical lessons or TP test, u are not allowed to use any helmet without the PSB sticker.
  6. No matter what black and white both of u signed with lawyer as witness also will still have issues if the any negative issues arises. LTA stated clearly the seller gotta do the transfer of ownership to the buyer within 7 days. So if u wanna take the risk, then better pray hard that nothing bad happen.
  7. As long as it's in original condition or even with a legal exhaust with cert, then u won't have problem with emissions issue. The Euro 4 requirements are for those bike registering from 1st Jan 2018.
  8. Ya, it's waste of time & money if u go there to fix accessories. The prices are still more expensive than others even after their so called member's discount.
  9. $75 is crazy. Their pricing always on the high side.
  10. Revision is the practice lesson before TP test, retraining is compulsory lesson before u book your next TP test if u failed. U need to go for the theory lesson before u can book for your first TP test.
  11. They will have your records if u've been quoted.
  12. Don't have to guess what's the problem, better get the answer from the mechanic. The later u get it rectified, the longer your problems exist.
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