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  1. bro wakco, i,m riding a gs650 twin, whats up? sms me 82220634

  2. SEAT HEIGHTS. F series F650GS = 820mm (low seat 790mm, lowered suspension 765mm) F800GS = 880mm (low seat 850mm) F800R = 800mm (low seat 775mm, high seat 825mm) F800ST = 820mm (low seat 790mm) R series R1200GS = 850mm/870mm (low seat 820mm, lowered suspension 790mm) R1200GS ADV = 890mm/910mm R1200RT = 820mm/840mm (low set 780mm/800mm) R1200R = 800mm (low seat 770mm, high seat 830mm) K series K1300GT = 820mm/840mm (low seat 800mm/820mm) K1300S = 820mm (low seat 790mm) K1300R = 820mm (low seat 790mm) HP2 series HP2 MegaMoto = 860mm - 910mm (ex Factory 890mm) HP2 Sports =
  3. the other time i just pop by, ah xiong quote me $150. that one haven use trump card yet.. hehe..
  4. ar damn. if only i still got my blue/black fairings. confirm plus chop i swap with u..
  5. straight no need to look at the track la.. heads down tuck behind ur windscreen look down the tank. after come out the last corner, do the above and count to 3. then look up, say a lil prayer, brake hard, drop 2 gears, let ur slipper clutch take the abuse, go in the corner and shout weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. if all fails, look straight, legs down, brake intermittently and try hard not to go into the tyre wall.. :cheeky: i also wanna do the removable bracket. when want to go? the connector, make sure its waterproof hor. that time i also do, not water
  6. yah.. need to fix up my erp bracket too.. any kind soul can upload their pic on how/where they put their erp on a k7 600
  7. stock exhaust, ppl usually dun give a damn sia.. but OEM fairings are flying fast sia.. miss out on a full set of OEM fairings by USD100. and miss out on a full system by USD$1 only sia.. :giddy:
  8. i also tot wanna apply the dbs esso.. like boh hua lei.. i already got the dbs platinum.. some more i rarely pump singapore.. :cheeky:
  9. can. but i doubt it will be any cheaper. USPS for me is still the best.
  10. shipping for filters usually USD$24.99 via USPS. got ask before. :cheeky:
  11. dun think so la sis.. some more SPC if use OCBC credit card got extra 5% discount. so total will be 10% off.. :cheeky:
  12. well.. if u got the gees, no one is stopping u.. :cheeky: anyway, stock is just as good for a stock bike like mine. aftermarket ones, increased the air flow allowing more air to pass. so u will need a PC3 to compensate the fuel/air ratio. erm.. if i not wrong la.. well i maybe wrong.
  13. sorry not me hor bff. its sufiyan's bff hor..
  14. eh dun do anything bout ur hair, when long cut back to like this ok.. :cheeky:
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