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  1. hi bro i cant vieew the pic on coverset. Is it whole coverset? Can w.a me at 93351630 ty.

  2. Thanks for sharing TS... All the useful info needed to revitalize my raincoat and bike cover... So how do u seam seal certain raincoats with the inner netting blocking the seams?
  3. Hopefully taichi raincoats consider adding flourescent yellow colors in future.. easy to spot for other road users esp those rainy nights.
  4. I recommend taichi bro...my drymaster lasted for abt a year then the pants eventually started to leak but the jacket till now waterproofing still good even the most heaviest downpour.. Not sure whats the biggest size mw selling.
  5. Alamak Bro, 2t oso want to share ah? you funny la... My brake fuild want anot? I bleed some 4u...racing one... hhaha. both the 2t u mention more less same la juz buy 1 bottle keep the rest la... nxt time can top up again..
  6. His bike la, your bike so werks oredi..
  7. Alamak bro,spot people mistake only..haha... Gd one. Ur Rs Parallel import frm from europe lah...
  8. Oei Isa nak ALPINESTARS AJE... can say dis suit features as gd as Astar or Spidi or taichi... Sad da tak muat ah.... bought frm biketech... http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179062
  9. us 40/uk 50 for ht 167-175/60-70kg...ur size can la I can see u hav a lot of potential in Lacing, ur body size ,charmin', intelligent... BUY MY SUIT LA..haha
  10. Isa!!!! want racing suit? sell to u special price!!!
  11. racewerks is at the advertisers board in the forum...juz a few mouse click away...can juz msg them if u bother...
  12. Guys, Im selling my bike, any1 interested?
  13. U too fast la bro, nxt traffic da gone...haha, anyways my wave cannot catch up larr....
  14. kau lah, pakai helmet putih n A* jacket....
  15. Yo bro,tadi nampak lacer kt jurong west rd opp esso... nxt traffic da tak nampak...
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