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  1. PM me.. interested in the helmet.. msg me @ 94567004..

  2. ger just like that time u drink the fruit punch also siao siao the whole day.. hahahah sure be added some good ingrediant inside..
  3. wow after eating the dou hua u become edited liao izzit??? haha...
  4. r another one dun rubbish wif mi ... box u den u noe
  5. yo pencil n calvin nice meeting u guys.. but the outing abit different lah.. but nvm guess when free den i ask u guys go eat the dou hua again lor.. actualyl i also dun expect so many ppl would turn up in the end... but after all a nice outing. YEAH!!! think next trip be going TIAN LAI for Seafood n pepper crab le... guess time n date will let u guys noe bah.. stay tune also very pai seh leh. mostly i be riding my baby up to tian lai lor... em so u all r fast rider so if u guys dun mine den can join us together with cute heather
  6. tonight selegie eat dou hua anyone wanan join???? just a simple outing. em... meet bout 10pm. interested can call or msg mi at 91736750.
  7. mai rubbish lah u... anyhow de leh... haven married yet cannot give... hahaha
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