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  1. Good question... is it a must to carry road tax? I lost mine. how ah? anyone knows?
  2. I cant agree more! Beautiful bike you own yohji! Was riding my "classic" to work along Thomson, round the bend and there was one of them tao huay boys just done with a R1. Was pretty sure I was screwed. Clutch in and tried to cruise by but the morning traffic wasn't very kind and brought us close together! Resigned to my fate, sucked it up and rode normally. Could see him clearly eye-balling my bike but surprisingly did nothing and rode off after at least a couple of mins behind me. Either he didn't wanna stop again, my baffles paid off (Thank god I installed them) or he decided to be kin
  3. ivor84: is it any close to either of these?
  4. Yeah.. looks sexy on your bike. Im starting to grow on it as well. considering getting a pair for my sportster. Any idea with installation included how much will it cost? After installing you have to go for an inspection? last question, how many inches are ur progressive shocks?
  5. Just suddenly occurred to me. Was there a reply on Mr Dian Iskandar Ali's write up in the strait's times?
  6. Welcome gixxer75! you gotta meet the BOSS soon!
  7. Anyone knows how many inches are the OEM sportser shocks?
  8. Are the stock pipes from the US the same as the ones here?! Im under the impression they are not (i.e. 48, 49 states..etc..). It'll pass the white pig test?
  9. Show it!! let me know if there are any plans tonight.
  10. how abt getting akras? i reckon stock exhaust is gonna set u back a fair bit $$. why not get something which is certified. Will that work? anyone knows? or do u have to switch to stock?
  11. hey guys! hows it going? Boss! (aka Jamez) got ur pipes fitted yet? lets hear them! Close shave for me last week, LTA was on the opposite side of the road. Thank goodness for the peak hour traffic. Meet up soon guys!
  12. Hey TWdude26, Ur previous sportster had the front fairing. What is that called and where can i get it? I have been trying to hunt for it but i suspect it isnt called a fairing. All my goggle searches return with those windshield fairing. Is it called cafe racer something?
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